Documentary: “The Children’s Hospital of Orange County”

The documentary film “The Children’s Hospital of Orange County” features the incredible work of licensed acupuncturist Ruth McCarty in her treatment of pediatric patients.  Stories of how children’s quality of life improved “tremendously by acupuncture and related therapies in easing their fatigue, nausea and pain especially through the process of 18 months of chemotherapy” are told.   Pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. William Loudon, Scientific Director of the CHOC Neuroscience Center for Research and Section Chief of Neurosurgery, describes how his search for ways to help his patients’ quality of life led him to Chinese medicine.  CHOC’s chief medial officer explains how he had to create a position in order to credential McCarty into the hospital staff, but then “how easy it was to get buy-in from other doctors once they saw the results their patients experienced.”   The author of this article in “Acupuncture Today,” Matthew Bauer, emphasizes the need for complementary medicine and integration of acupuncturists in hospital settings.  [“Expanding the Reach of Acupuncture” by Matthew Bauer, L.Ac.,  April 2018.]