Commonly Treated Conditions

To date, modern scientific research studies have conclusively confirmed the following actions of acupuncture:

    • inducing analgesia
    • protecting the body against infections
    • regulating various physiological functions


Pain Management (acute and chronic conditions):
Muscle pain, swelling, stiffness and weakness; traumatic injuries such as sprains, strains, tendonitis; arthritis; fibromyalgia; work, motor vehicle and sports-related injuries; low back pain with sciatic as well as neck pain with headaches; carpal tunnel syndrome; “frozen shoulder;” “tennis elbow;” et. al. For further discussion, check website

Gastrointestinal Disorders (acute and chronic conditions):
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); ulcerative colitis; hyperacidity; duodenal ulcer; constipation; diarrhea; indigestion; et. al. For a more thorough discussion of these conditions and the use of acupuncture for them, please see

Colds, flus, sinus infections, ear infections, UTIs, leucorrhea, “jock itch,”   There are many excellent formulas to address many common infections. With the overuse of prescription antibiotics, herbal antibiotics are just as effective for many conditions without serious side effects. To learn more about the treatment of yeast infections with acupuncture and herbs, please refer to the website of my alma mater:

Respiratory Ailments:
Asthma; Allergies; COPD.

Gynecological Conditions/Women’s Health:
Infertility; pregnancy and post-natal conditions, i.e., breach birth, nausea.; premenopausal and postmenopausal conditions; menstrual disorders such as PMS, benign amenorrhea, menorrhagia; fibroid cysts; complementary breast care. For some general information about acupuncture and infertility treatment, see

Men’s Health:
Infertility; complementary prostate care; impotence;

Psychological Disorders:
Depression ; anxiety ; OCD; PTSD; somatization disorder; hypersomnia; insomnia,

Withdrawal from street and pharmacological drugs, nicotine and alcohol addiction.

Appetite suppression:
For further information, please see

Neurological Disorders:
ADHD, Autism

For further researched information, please refer to “Acupuncture: Review and Analysis of Reports on Controlled Clinical Trials” published by the World Health Organization(WHO):

This is not a complete list. Traditional Chinese Medicine treats a broad range of diseases and disorders. For a specific conditions not listed, please contact Maureen McNulty, Dipl. O.M., L.Ac., LMT.